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Basic Statement Analysis: Detecting Deception & Content, with introduction to the Psycho-linguistic Profile

  • Mesa Police Department Public Safety Training Facility 3260 North 40th Street Mesa, AZ, 85215 United States (map)
Class Full. Please Email us for reserve list. Feb. 27th - Mar. 1st, 2018

Pricing is per person for the 3-day course.

  • Statement Analysis Manual – Study Guide
  • 12 months E-support
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Most deceptive statements contain a high percentage of truth.

Statement Analysis is a highly reliable method to determine truth from deception in both verbal and written statements.

➢ Students will learn the psychological and linguistic principles behind the subject’s
chosen words.

• Is the language based on experiential memory?
• Is the subject committed & psychologically in the statement?
• Learn the difference between Reliable and Un-reliable denials.

➢ Students will progress into the content of the statement:

  • Determine what occurred and when it occurred.
  • Recognize where missing information lies within the statement.
  • Identify where to focus questions for the Analytical Interview.
  • Identify what the subject has unknowingly revealed.

Students will be taught how to obtain a “pure,” uncontaminated statement – highly
effective for analysis.

➢ Students will be introduced to the principles of psycho-linguistic profiling, learned in advanced analysis.

➢ The profile is invaluable for all investigators and gives them a distinct edge during the interview.

➢ The subject’s words reveal their:

  • Priorities
  • Background
  • Experiences
  • Personality Traits

This 3-day class will provide the tools to streamline your investigations and improve your
interviews. The class is engaging, enjoyable and hands-on.

➢ These skills are invaluable for all investigations:

  • Homicide
  • Sex crimes
  • Cold case
  • Robbery & Theft
  • Hiring - Applicant Vetting
  • Employee theft
  • Arson
  • Fraud
  • Domestic Violence
  • Abuse

This technique is currently taught at the FBI Academy.

One full year of E-Support included to help you become a Deception Detection Expert.