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Our words and the way we write them reveal more about us than most people think.  In fact, it is almost scary how much information we unknowingly give away with our choice of words.  Our words reveal Truth to Lies and much more information we unknowingly divulge. 

Those we train are able to determine the credibility of information provided in written or verbal statements.  Our trainees are given the tools to become 100% accurate in determining deception from veracity.  Our analysis techniques have been tried and tested in hundreds of criminal/legal cases as well as screening employment applicants.    

Our analysis techniques apply to statements of all types, including: employment applications, statements from victims, witnesses and suspects, injury complaints, sexual harassment complaints, depositions, testimony, reports, affidavits, letters, emails, social media posts, media statements, interviews and more.

Our training seminars are widely attended and applauded by veteran investigators from Federal, State & Municipal agencies as well as Prosecutors, Insurance, Banking and Corporate investigators.                              

Why should Truth2Lies train you?

Our training gives you the tools to get to the truth quicker, which means you solve more cases with the time you have.  Utilizing our techniques, investigators are more efficient with the time they spend on each case.  They are able to quickly laser focus their investigation to the truth of the matter.  Case solve rates increase.  They obtain more information in their interviews and ultimately obtain more confessions.  It’s like having the proverbial crystal ball!

Our analysis techniques will change the way you listen to others, and enable you to glean information you’ve been missing!

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Areas of Practice

Law Enforcement

Local, State, Federal & Military

Training: Comprehensive Statement Analysis, Analytical Interviewing, Psycho-Linguistic and Handwriting Profiling.

  • Identifying deception in written & verbal statements

  • Identify where to laser focus your interview questions based on the principles of analysis, including indicators of missing information, sensitivity and psychological commitment

  • Profiling: Identify your subject's background, experiences, priorities, & personality traits

  • Take the guess work out of your interviews and gain the advantage: Obtain more confessions, obtain more information & come to a faster case resolution

  • Identify the information you’ve been missing - it has been in front you all along

  • We offer customized training to fit your organization's needs; from short seminar presentations  up to 3-day instruction.

Corporate & Private Services

Consulting and Training for Corporate and Business Investigators, Human Resource - Hiring Specialists, Management and Security

  • Internal investigation techniques

  • Threat Assessment

  • Anonymous Author Identification

  • Credibility assessment for sexual harassment and work related injury claims

  • Employment vetting

    • Know with certainty who the applicant really is before you hire!

  • Forensic analysis for hand-written, typed, or computer generated documents

Legal & Attorney Services

  • Comprehensive case review with report

  • Credibility verification for all clientele & case material

  • Credibility review for all depositions, testimonies, affidavits, etc.

  • Find missing information & deception in written and verbal statements

  • Profile of your witnesses

  • Question formulation based on the analysis. We'll show you where to focus questions based on indicators of missing information, sensitivity and psychological commitment


This is such a valuable tool, I wish I would have learned Comprehensive Statement Analysis sooner! Every detective should be trained in this. It was the best training I’ve received in my career.
— Det. M. Corfits, Special Victims Unit


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