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Advanced Analysis with Peter Hyatt

  • Chandler Public Safety Training Center 3550 S. Dobson Road Chandler, AZ 85248 United States (map)
Advanced Analysis with Peter Hyatt & Steve Johnson Mar. 5 - 7, 2019

A seminar to build on fundamental Statement Analysis principles.
Training of this type and caliber is unparalleled!
This is a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

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This is an advanced 3-day seminar with Peter Hyatt!  This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best Statement Analysts in the world!  Peter’s understanding of linguistics as it relates to human behavior is second to none.  He has appeared on 20/20, Crime Watch Daily, radio programs and documentaries.  Peter is as entertaining as he is informative.

Steve Johnson is a 28 year police veteran (retired).  He obtained certifications as a Forensic Handwriting Analyst, Statement Analyst, as well as a Certified Voice Stress Analyst (CVSA).   Steve found that utilizing Statement Analysis combined with Handwriting Analysis, provided more information than either the Polygraph or the CVSA could provide.  He frequently consulted for investigators in and outside his own agency, by analyzing verbal and handwritten statements.  The cases included suicide threat notes and various other threatening letters, in which the investigators needed to know if the threats were real.  Each case turned out just as the Handwriting and the Statement Analysis showed it would. 

This course will cover:

  • Anonymous Author letters 

  • Author’s Linguistic and Mental Disposition toward the recipient

  • Personality Traits revealed in Linguistics and Handwriting

  • Exercises in utilizing the Questionnaire – a most valuable tool

    • Funneling the suspect pool down to the actual suspect(s)

    • Utilizing information from the subject’s handwriting profile

 This is valuable, one of a kind training.