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Detective Steve Johnson (retired) is a 28-year police veteran.  He has 23 years experience as a detective, including 7 years on the elite Major Incident Response Team. In 2009, Steve began training in Statement Content Analysis, a forensic method of analyzing written and verbal statements for veracity, content, and psychological profile. He is a certified Statement Analyst, proficient in detecting deception in verbal and written statements. Steve continues to train and maintain proficiency with some of the best analysts in the country.

In 2012, Steve began his training in Forensic Handwriting Analysis. He is a certified Forensic Handwriting Analyst with the ability to detect deception, mental illness, drug use, sex abuse, violence & perpetrator potential, personality traits and more. Steve is a member of the International Association of Handwriting Analysts. Although Statement Analysis and Handwriting Analysis are two different sciences, Steve utilizes both in his investigations, which has proven to produce a very strong profile.

As a Forensic Analyst, Steve is able to create a psychological profile of a subject utilizing their written and verbal statements. He frequently consults for police detectives as well as investigators from around the nation. Detective Johnson has analyzed and profiled for a wide variety of cases including anonymous author, homicide, suicide, robbery, fraud, forgery, theft, threats, kidnapping, sex crimes, hate crimes, arson, threat assessment, hiring and Internal investigations.


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Steve Johnson



Detective Steve Johnson (retired) is a 28-year police veteran. Steve is known for his expertise in the area of Interview and Interrogation and complex case work. He is a Medal of Excellence recipient for his interview skills in a high profile case.

Steve is an Arizona POST certified instructor.  He has been teaching at the Police Academy for several years.  Steve was the instruction coordinator for the Specific Crimes block of instruction, which included classes in Robbery, Assaults, Burglary, Missing Persons, Auto Theft and Financial Crimes. Steve created the course: Statement Analysis for Improved Interviews and Investigations, which is taught at the academy Criminal Investigations School. 

He frequently speaks at seminars and conferences.  Previous students range from local, state and federal investigators, along with bank and corporate investigators.


Affiliations (past and present)

  • Arizona Chapter of International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, Two-time Training Sponsor
  • International Association of Handwriting Analysts, Member
  • Arizona Homicide Investigators Association, Member
  • California Robbery Investigators Association, Member


  • Certified Voice Stress Analyst, National Institute for Truth Verification
  • Certified Statement Analyst, Hyatt Analysis Services
  • Certified Forensic Handwriting Analyst, Center of Forensic Profiling